Bailey spots a heron

Little KingfisherOut on the north arm of the Fraser River we spotted this Great Blue Heron coming in for a landing – I caught a mere one tenth of a second on film. Bailey caught the whole thing, as this little clip shows!

Here’s a great picture Pam took of Mt Baker the other day. Really like this shot.

Mt Baker

Getting Bailey to fetch

Playing fetch The first step in learning to retrieve beer from the fridge is fetching a ball in a field, of course.

There are setbacks initially though – as this little clip will show! Clearly Bailey thinks it’s my job to do the fetching.

Still, with perseverance we manage to get Bailey started on the path to dog nirvana.

And of course, it’s not a blog post without a picture of a Great Blue Heron right?

Great Blue Heron


Ana White Brag Post

Shoe dresserLoved a shoe cabinet at Mobler Furniture, but hated the 300 dollar price. Figured Ana White would have a plan: She Did.

I modified the plans a bit. I built the gables in one piece to eliminate the need for separate feet. We also used hinges instead of the pegs to open and close the doors. The overall length is only 38 inches. I built it counter height.

Because we used wood that we had laying around from previous projects, the drawers, and the unit are made of pine, while the top is made of oak. Total cost for the wood was 30 Canadian dollars, spent years and years ago.

Shoe DresserRather than buy catches like the plans call for, I ran an extra support rail under the top, which made attaching the top easy, but also served as a “bump” for the closing door – it adds a satisfying clunk when closing the doors. I did the same for the second door too. The handles were purchased for a project in our previous house and used here instead.

For the finish, we used paintbrushable Tremclad matte black for the interior (23 bucks – used less than half the tin.) We used 1.5 cans of spray Tremclad red enamel for the exterior (8 bucks a tin).  We hit it all with two coats of Zinsser sealer first – 14 bucks, used half. Total hit was well under a hundred bucks, although we were really only out of pocket for the paint.

Took us a couple days to work out the details, a day to construct, and about three days to paint, one for the undercoat, one for the black, one for the red.

We’re both pretty pleased with how it turned out.

The title of the post, “Ana White Brag Post” is a reference to Tiny House star Ana White’s blog with all her free plans.

Walking the dog

Looking toward RichmondSeeing a Great Blue Heron is fairly common for us. It’s a rare day we don’t see one. But this morning we got to see two of them in very close proximity to each other, each getting cleaned up for the long day of fishing ahead!

Was it a bird?

Something came streaking across the sky last night, and while some people might have thought it was a UFO, there was a rational explanation.

As a side note, one of the NASA astronauts on Twitter did some quick calculations and told us it was a Chinese satellite. And I really thought Superman knew what he was talking about!

Is it real or photoshop?

Stunning image from the NASA Twitter feed.

The thing about the image that fascinates me is how much water you see!

Life with Bailey, our Golden Retriever