Dogs allowed


Happy Birthday Pam!

Evening on the river

Evening on the Fraser RiverWas glad to see Stephen Harper has finally resigned his seat. Not sure that a sitting Prime Minister has presided over┬átheir home province’s descent into such economic stagnation.

National Dog Day

Bailey goes swimmingIn honor of National Dog Day we took Bailey up the Fraser River to a big beachy park where a lot of other dogs were out for the day as well.

Bailey spots a heron

Little KingfisherOut on the north arm of the Fraser River we spotted this Great Blue Heron coming in for a landing – I caught a mere one tenth of a second on film. Bailey caught the whole thing, as this little clip shows!

Here’s a great picture Pam took of Mt Baker the other day. Really like this shot.

Mt Baker

Getting Bailey to fetch

Playing fetch The first step in learning to retrieve beer from the fridge is fetching a ball in a field, of course.

There are setbacks initially though – as this little clip will show! Clearly Bailey thinks it’s my job to do the fetching.

Still, with perseverance we manage to get Bailey started on the path to dog nirvana.

And of course, it’s not a blog post without a picture of a Great Blue Heron right?

Great Blue Heron


Life with Bailey, our Golden Retriever